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Elounda is located 10km north of Agios Nikolaos, near the northwest side of the bay of Mirabello. The area is a renowned tourist resort with luxurious hotels for the most expensive tastes. Each year Elounda hosts in utmost secrecy several heads of states and celebrities of the international economic, political, athletic, and artistic elite. Indeed, it is no coincidence that Elounda has the most landings of private helicopters in Greece!

Apart from its glamorous face and the €10000/ night bungalows, Elounda has to offer to its visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. The small town of Elounda is not particularly graphic, but it is built on the edge of the idyllic lagoon of Korfos Bay, which is formed between the Spinalonga Peninsula and Crete.

From the first moment you see that from the Lenika area, where you can stop and see the view, while driving from Agios Nikolaos, Elounda is astonishing! From Lenika you can see Mirabello Bay and the lagoon of Elounda (or Korfos), the long peninsula of Spinalonga that is connected to Crete within a very narrow strip of land. In the background, you’ll discern the picturesque village of Plaka and the long-suffering island of Spinalonga (formally Kalydon), which you can visit by boat running from Elounda harbor. Instead, close to you and on the hillside south of the peninsula Spinalonga you will see the famous 5 and 6 star hotels of Elounda. They are all built by the sea and host some lovely small beaches and private coves, where you’ll see very expensive yachts occasionally.

Continuing driving in your car (or by bus) and after leaving back the big hotels on your right hand, you will reach the small town of Elounda (or Schisma as the locals call it). It's a rather non-impressive little town, where you will have many choices for food and accommodation in rooms and small hotels. You can stroll around the harbor and enjoy your coffee in the cafes next to it.

From Schisma, you can drive to the east and visit the peninsula of Spinalonga. A feature of the area is that at one point, the road runs along a very narrow strip of land, with the sea on both right and left side. At the beginning of this street, on your right hand, you will see the old salt pans of Elounda, which were the major source of revenue during the Venetian period, supplying Europe with salt. Today the abandoned salt pans are home to many birds all year round. Some are rare in Europe, such as flamingos and herons.

Continuing driving, you will meet the old stone windmills and a wonderful stone bridge, in one of the most picturesque places on Crete. Below the bridge, there is a very narrow canal, called Poros (=canal), which was opened by the French Army in 1897 in order to link the Gulf of Mirabello Bay with Korfos Bay. In Peninsula Spinalonga (which some mistakenly call Kolokytha) you will see many abandoned farms that are now is a haven for many species of animals and plants. It is worth driving to the chapel of St. Luke, with superb views to the opposite small island of Kolokytha. Just opposite the church, there is a small path leading to the beach of Kolokytha, famous for its turquoise waters. 1.5km north of the beach, you’ll find the Byzantine church of St. Phocas where you can go on foot. has been serving transfers and private tours in all over the Crete.

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